Savings Accounts

At POCUMD, we are committed to providing you with the necessary tools to help you build a solid financial future. Open an account with only $10.00, and become a member and "Share" owner for life. Even if you move or change jobs, you will continue to enjoy the benefits of POCUMD's membership as long as your account remains active!

Christmas Club Accounts

Don't want to dip into your regular savings account to pay for holiday gifts? Save all year long for the holiday season or for other specific needs such as property taxes, winter heating bills, or insurance. You can start saving at any time of the year. On October 1st, your savings is automatically deposited into your regular savings account, just in time for holiday shopping or to pay those year-end bills!

Vacation Club Accounts

Open a vacation club account with a minimum of only $10.00, and start saving for your dream vacation. Set up a direct deposit and have a certain amount transferred to your vacation club each pay period. Your vacation club is automatically transferred to your savings on July 1st each year... just in time for that well deserved dream vacation!

Money Market Accounts

Get a better return without all the risk and without tying up your funds. Just a $2,000 minimum deposit can launch you into a highly liquid, secure investment that pays premium dividends.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

You can save money on taxes and prepare for a more secure retirement with an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Interest earned on your IRA is not taxed until you start withdrawing from the account. IRA deposits are fully insured up to $250,000, separately from other non-retirement accounts you have with POCUMD. What a secure way to save for your retirement!

Certificates of Deposit

Our Certificate of Deposit is a proven secure and safe way to invest your funds at high interest rates. POCUMD offers a 6-month CD, with a minimum deposit of $1,000.

Payroll Deductions

You can have a portion of your pay automatically deposited into your POCUMD savings account or used to make a payment to your POCUMD loan. No more sending a check and wondering if it arrived on time. The Post Office requires that you sign up for Direct Deposit through its payroll department.

Retirement plans? Just inform OPM or the company issuing your retirement benefits that you wish to set up an allotment to continue saving or paying off your loan at POCUMD. As soon as you've received your last paycheck from the Post Office, you will need to provide OPM or the company issuing your retirement benefits with POCUMD's routing number and your full account number.