Fee Schedule*

ATM Fees* Amount in $ Description
ATM Transaction Fees 2.00 Per withdrawal and POS
ATM Inquiry Fees 1.00 Per Inquiry
ATM Cards 10.00 To replace lost or stolen card
ATM PIN replacement Fees 5.00 To replace lost PIN number
ATM Overdrawn Account 30.00 Per Item
Invalid ATM Deposits 100.00 Each
Account Fees*
Below Minimum Balance Checking Fee 9.00 Per month
Overdraft Protection Fee 6.00 Each
NSF Fees 30.00 Each
Returned Deposit Fee 15.00 Each
Stop Payment Fee 30.00 Each
Overdraft Fee 30.00 Each
Cancelled Check Copy / Check Look-up Fee 10.00 Each
Check Printing Fees   Prices vary depending on style
Membership Fee .25 At initial opening of membership account
Christmas and Vacation Club Fees*
Account Withdrawal Fee 30.00 Per withdrawal
Other Service Fees*
Account Reconciliation 35.00 Per hour ($35.00 Minimum charge)
Verification of Deposit 20.00 Each
Loan Late Fees 30.00 Payment made 10 or more days late
Copies of Statements & Account Histories 5.00 Per page
Bank-to-Bank Incoming Wire Transfers Free Domestic wires only
Bank-to-Bank Outgoing Wire Transfers 30.00 Each
Dormant / Escheat Fees 8.00 Per month charged after one year
IRA Transfer Fees (to another institution) 25.00 Each
Garnishments / IRS Levies / Attachments / Liens 100.00 Each
Bill Pay Program 4.95 Per month (less than 6 transactions)
Counter check made payable to 3rd Party 1.00 Each
Returned Statements Fee 5.00 For each statement returned by USPS

*Effective March 1, 2017