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With a Personal Loan

Rates as low as 6.85% APR*

Your favorite team is about to score the winning touchdown. The whole family is at your place to enjoy the game. Only, that pigskin has never looked smaller. Instead of cheers, you're hearing jeers. Could it be time for a TV upgrade?

A Personal Loan from Post Office Credit Union of Maryland can make hosting the family a breeze. Whether your goal is to watch the big game on a big screen or purchase the perfect holiday gift, a Personal Loan can help you score big. And here's the kicker - you can enjoy rates as low as 6.85% APR* when you open a Checking Account with a Debit Card and set up a minimum $100 Direct Deposit.

Don't fumble this pass. See us before you get a loan anywhere else! We have great rates and terms, so call us at (410) 727-5469 today.

*APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Quoted APRs are subject to change daily at the discretion of the Board of Directors. APR may vary based on your credit score over the past 3 years and general creditworthiness. Rates indicated are the lowest rates. For example, a loan with a 12-month term with a fixed rate of 6.85 % APR will result in an estimated monthly payment of $86.46 per $1,000 financed. Open to all members who are eligible under current POCUMD underwriting guidelines. Limited-time offer runs from 10/16/2021 - 1/15/2022. See Credit Union for details.

SharePlus Accounts
Give Yourself the Gift of Security

SharePlus Accounts

'Tis the season! But while you may be feeling generous this time of year, scam artists are working overtime to land themselves on the naughty list. The holidays are filled with opportunities for identity theft to take place. If you are feeling rushed and distracted, it is more important than ever to keep your finances and personal information protected.

What's the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season? Think security. POCUMD is on your side to fight identity theft. A SharePLUS* account provides additional protection and is designed as a "top of class" account with your lifestyle and security in mind! With SharePLUS, members have access to many valuable benefits, such as identity theft, credit, and dark web monitoring.

Want to learn more about SharePLUS's identity theft and mobile coverage services? Don't delay! Call (410) 727-5469 today or click here to learn more about SharePlus.

*SharePLUS Monthly Maintenance Fee is $5. See Credit Union for more details.

Get the Pick of the Patch
Auto Loan and Auto Refi

Auto Loan and Auto Loan Refinancing rates are sweeter than apple pie,
coming in as low as 2.09% APR*

The leaves are changing, the temperatures cooling, and the savings are piling up. At Post Office Credit Union of Maryland, our auto rates are fresh and ready for picking. Whether you have your eye on a new or new-to-you ride, or you wish you picked a lower rate through your dealer, we can help. With an Auto Loan from POCUMD, a new or new-to-you vehicle can be yours to enjoy, at a price that works for you.

Our Auto Loan and Auto Loan Refinancing rates are sweeter than apple pie, coming in as low as 2.09% APR* when you open a POCUMD Checking Account with a Debit Card and set up a minimum $100 Direct Deposit. Ready to fill up your basket with treats? As a bonus, you can also receive $50 cash when you close your Auto Loan, or $100** when you refinance with POCUMD.

The time is now to get the rate you deserve! Give us a call at (410) 727-5469.

*APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Quoted APRs are subject to change daily at the discretion of the Board of Directors. APR may vary based on creditworthiness. Rates indicated are the lowest rates available For example, a loan with a 24-month term with a fixed rate of 2.09% APR will result in an estimated monthly payment of $42.58 per $1, 000 financed. See Credit Union for details. $50 offer only applies when closing your new or used auto loan.
**Good on all qualified automobiles with approved credit. Vehicles financed through dealer with 0% financing not eligible. Leased vehicle and existing POCUMD loans are not eligible. Open to members age 18 or older in good standing, who have made all loan payments on time on the vehicle in question, and are eligible under POCUMD underwriting guidelines. Verification of income required. $100 offer only applies to Auto Loans closed at POCUMD. APR is Annual Percentage Rate. 2.29% APR only available on new 2022, 2021, or 2020 vehicles with less than 5, 000 miles. 2.49% APR available on 2021-2015 vehicles. Maximum loan terms apply (60-month term maximum. Rates for 72-84 months available). Credit Union reserves the right to extend payments over the longest term to lower payments. This may impact the interest rate of the loan. Limited-time offer runs from 10/16/21 - 1/15/22.

Anybody Home?

Dormancy Notice

Knock, knock! We know life can get pretty busy, but it’s our job to check in on our members. If you haven’t been in touch in a while, it’s time to confirm you remain a part of POCUMD. Maryland State law requires us to consider an account “abandoned” if no transactions have been made for more than 36 months. To avoid a monthly fee of $20.00, a small deposit or withdrawal is required. This will also remove the "dormant status" from your account. Contact us today! If we don’t hear from you by 10/22/2021, any account that has been dormant for three years will have the money transferred, by POCUMD, to the State of Maryland.

Have You Downloaded Our Mobile App?

Download the official Post Office Credit
Union of Maryland app.

It's never been easier to keep an eye on your finances. In fact, there's an app for that! Simply search "POCUMD" in Google Play or the Apple App Store to download the official Post Office Credit Union of Maryland app.

Downloading the app will put your POCUMD account details in your hands. There are so many benefits.

  • View balances and transfer funds
  • Make loan payments
  • Sign up for e-statements
  • Set up external transfers
  • Change your address or phone number
  • Contact YOUR credit union!

Get out your devices and download today!

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Invest in Your Grandchildren’s Future

share savings account

You gave your children life, and in return, they gave you grandchildren. Return the joy your grandchildren bring by investing in their future with a POCUMD Share Savings Account. A Share Savings Account provides the necessary tools to help you build a solid financial future for your grandchildren. Open their account with only $10.00 and you’ll set them up to become a member and “Share” owner for life.

Visit us today to start establishing the future for the special child in your life with a Share Savings Account.

Message to our Members Retiring from the Post Office 

Congratulations on your retirement from the Post Office! You have arrived at an important milestone in your life. You can now stop living to work, and begin working to live!

We also want to thank you for being a loyal member of POCUMD. Remember, retirement from the Post Office does not affect your membership eligibility with the Credit Union. Once a member, always a member!

To transition smoothly into retirement, please call OPM at 1-888-767-6738 (TDD 1-800-878-5708), Monday - Friday, 7:30 A.M.- 7:45 P.M. Eastern Time to update your allotments. You will need the Credit Union's routing number, followed by your account number. If you do not have the routing number, contact us and we will provide it for you.

Our friendly staff is more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns. Call us at (410) 727-5469, Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Once again, congratulations on your retirement, and be sure to make good use of your membership with POCUMD. Why not share your secret? Membership is available to all family members! Open an account for your spouse, children, grandchildren, or any other family member.

Note: There is no limit on the amount you may deposit into any of your accounts.



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